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Company Introduction

Jiaxing Wuzhou Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.Specializing in manufacturing sliding bearing series products, the physical production enterprises have reached 150 million sets of production capacity, with one automatic sintering line. Enterprise technology relying on Research Institute and colleges and universities and colleges and universities and colleges and universities, constantly develop self-lubricating bearing products adapted to different working conditions and various mechanical fields. The product performance has reached the level of foreign products of the same kind. The sales of products all over more than 40 countries and regions at home and abroad, and have been recognized by domestic and foreign users. In 2006, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification! And there is TUV system certification!

The main products are (Du) oil-free bearings, (Dx) boundary lubrication bearings, bimetal series bearings, bronze rolling bearings, self-lubricating bearings. The characteristic product is Du thin wall series!

The Enterprise Culture

Vision Planing

Devise a strategy to win a thousand miles

We will take the concept of "quality, integrity, innovation, efficiency and future" in the spirit of the century to enhance the overall quality of our enterprises and serve our customers.

Our staff are willing to work together with you to strive for the great cause, seek common development and work together to create a better future.